Practical Steps in Moving towards Zero Waste

Over the past decade, waste disposal costs have risen by close to 30% even as companies reinvent strategies to reduce waste. Most businesses have made zero waste an objective in the operations because of the inherent benefits in improving the bottom line as well as satisfying stakeholder demand for environmental responsibility.

While most businesses look for quick wins such as pursuing new vendors and negotiating waste disposal costs, these actions may not be sustainable in the long run. This is because the savings made are eroded over time because vendors tend to push some of the valuable costs back to their customers.

Experience has shown that the only sure way to zero waste is through the 3 Rs that is reduce, reuse, and recycle. The following steps can help you in organizing your Rockford business towards achieving zero waste.

Waste Characterization

In order to find out exactly the stuff you are throwing away, you have to engage dumpster diving professionals. Companies must have a sense of where the generation of waste is taking place, the frequency of this generation, and the destination of the waste. By measuring not just the volume, but also the weight of each material considered waste will give you a window into the nature of waste your business discards.

It is true that if you can’t measure, you cannot manage. This means businesses must develop an understanding of the goings on at each location. The data so accumulated can help create the foundation of a zero-waste approach. You may even find some items you can recycle or reuse in your waste stream.

Waste Prevention Strategies

Preventing or reducing waste generation is the ideal way towards zero waste. However, this is often a difficult approach to implement which requires a high level of involvement and stakeholder coordination particularly in the supply chain.

By preventing or minimizing waste generation, you can save so much of your business economic resources making you streamline your expenses and production costs for an enhanced bottom line.

Repurposing Products

The contemporary society has a mentality of using and disposing products and packaging. Instead of using tap-water, we prefer buying bottled water after which we discard the bottles. If the society can embrace the culture of repurposing or reusing products instead of discarding them, there can be huge savings in terms of energy, money, time, and other resources.

In addition to the above, businesses in Rockford, IL can engage their employees through training and awareness on how to better manage waste. The best way to start this is by creating a recycle-friendly environment where bins and signage are positioned in convenient places to remind employees of the need to divert waste for reuse.



How to Seasonally Maintain Your Basement

Compared to the other spaces in your home, your basement does not have as many seasonal tasks. That said, there are a few chores which you should keep an eye on in the course of the year. When done right, seasonal basement maintenance can greatly improve the performance of this invaluable space.

The primary concerns for basements vary from one household to the next, but whichever they are, through simple seasonal repairs, your trips to the cellar can be a little more fun and safer.

Rainy and Winter Season Maintenance

Basements can suffer from foundation cracking at any time of the year, but the winter season comes with frost heaves and soil shifts which can aggravate the condition. The major cause of soil shifts during this season is improperly directed rainwater.

When dealing with cracks in your basement, the best way to handle the process is to identify the cracks as early as possible. This makes your repairs less expensive, quick, and less destructive. Not every crack present in your basement poses a problem and as a matter of fact, some of them do not need attention. If you are confused as to which you should attend to and which you should ignore, consult a Rockford home improvement professional.

Dry Season Condensation

If your basement is a little damp during quick winter thaws and heavy spring rains, this is normal. However, if on the contrary moisture shows up in dry seasons, there is a problem. As a matter of urgency, you should get your basement inspected and any problems fixed before they graduate into major issues.

In most cases, condensation in drier months happens as a result of interconnected problems outside your basement. Qualified Rockford, IL experts can help you pinpoint and possibly fix the issue. Among the causes of dry season basement condensation are inadequate ventilation, poor drainage, obsolete plumbing, and many others.

All Season Maintenance

This is the easiest and the most agreeable way to handle basement maintenance. It doesn’t matter the season, spending time in your basement regularly can help you keep up with any new developments within the space.

Most basements are unfinished and popularly used for storage, this is why not many homeowners make frequent visits leave along spending time in basements. If this is you, you need to change the way you approach your basement space and even get a Rockford handyman to help you organize it and make it useful.

Rockford Roofing Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

Rockford Roofing
Deteriorating Roof in Rockford. Call Rockford Roofing

Most homeowners discover they need a new roof when their ceiling starts leaking. However, leaks could be caused by several problems which may not necessarily relate to an aging roof. It is therefore important to know at what point   your roof needs repair or replacement. If you are not sure, below are some tips to start you off.

The Age of the Roof

Typically, a roof lasts anything between 20 and 25 years. This means if your roof is more than 20 years old, you could be headed for a replacement. Also, in instances where the old roof was removed and only a single layer of shingles remains, the roof may be weaker and in need of repairs.

Buckling and Curling of Shingles

If you are observant enough, you will see your shingles curling long after installing your roof. This is a critical sign of a roof in need of replacement. The best way to have a view of the curling shingles and losing granules is to look at the side of your roof that gets direct sunlight. Shingles normally buckle and curl when their life expectancy is nearing an end or even exceeded.

Roof Valleys

If shingles are missing or falling apart in your roof valley, it could be a sign that your roof has come of age and needs a replacement. Valleys are critical areas in your roof because they are the spaces through which rain and snow flows through into your gutters. Whenever the valley is compromised, chances of roof leaks are high.

Shingle Granules in Your Gutters

When shingles become loose, they disintegrate into granules and find their way into your gutters. This normally happens towards the end of your roof’s life cycle. In addition to this, you may notice some parts of your roof having darker colors because of worn away granules. Right away, report this problem to a professional Rockford roof contractor.

To maintain your roof and slow down the aging process, ensure it is routinely inspected. Severe weather such as hailstorms and high winds can cause some considerable damage to your roof and by extension the structural integrity of your home.

Replacing a roof is a costly process and one which you will not do more than twice in your lifetime. This is why you need to choose the best materials that will serve you for long and have a Rockford, IL roofer who regularly checks on your roof for anomalies.

Why Stone is Better than Laminate Counters in Kitchen Remodeling

When remodeling your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions you should make is whether to go for stone or laminate counters. For a beginner in kitchen remodeling, knowing which of the two is the best may not be that easy. Fortunately, there is lots of information on the pros and cons of laminate and stone thereby making the process much simpler for you. Below is a breakdown of the important aspects you need to bear in mind.

Granite countertop Rockford
Beautify your kitchen with granite countertops. Source:

The Price Issue

There is no two way about this, laminate counters are generally less expensive to purchase and install compared to stone. When sampling quotes on counter materials such as marble and granite in Rockford, IL, laminate will certainly be the most affordable.

However, using the price as the only decision making point can be a huge mistake on your part. Although installing laminate counters will reduce the cost of your project upfront, in the long run, this will prove counterproductive and you may even incur lots of additional costs in doing successive installations or switching to stone.

Exceptional Looks

Families generally spend most of their time in the kitchen space which means adding a classy granite or marble countertop can revolutionize the space. Stone beautifully complements the rest of your décor choices and makes your kitchen attractive from a design perspective.


Stone counters have many selling points including great looks and high end performance. Most of the stone countertops installed offer excellent heat resistance, a property that is not true of laminate.

The durability of stone is also a major talking point and a huge advantage to homeowners as marble and granite countertops are billed to be the longest lasting elements of your house. Laminate counters quickly go through wear and tear and thus forcing you to do a replacement sooner than later.

They are an Investment

Even if home improvement projects are meant to make your life better and more comfortable, they are also an investment. You won’t live in your home forever which means you must sell it at some point in the future.

The return you get will be largely dictated by the improvement choices you made for your house along the way. They largely impact on the market value. Kitchen renovations including countertops will give your kitchen a new look and added functionality which will push up the value of your home.

To get your kitchen stone countertops installed, you can contact a reliable Rockford Granite Experts specialist.