How to Seasonally Maintain Your Basement


Compared to the other spaces in your home, your basement does not have as many seasonal tasks. That said, there are a few chores which you should keep an eye on in the course of the year. When done right, seasonal basement maintenance can greatly improve the performance of this invaluable space.

The primary concerns for basements vary from one household to the next, but whichever they are, through simple seasonal repairs, your trips to the cellar can be a little more fun and safer.

Rainy and Winter Season Maintenance

Basements can suffer from foundation cracking at any time of the year, but the winter season comes with frost heaves and soil shifts which can aggravate the condition. The major cause of soil shifts during this season is improperly directed rainwater.

When dealing with cracks in your basement, the best way to handle the process is to identify the cracks as early as possible. This makes your repairs less expensive, quick, and less destructive. Not every crack present in your basement poses a problem and as a matter of fact, some of them do not need attention. If you are confused as to which you should attend to and which you should ignore, consult a Rockford home improvement professional.

Dry Season Condensation

If your basement is a little damp during quick winter thaws and heavy spring rains, this is normal. However, if on the contrary moisture shows up in dry seasons, there is a problem. As a matter of urgency, you should get your basement inspected and any problems fixed before they graduate into major issues.

In most cases, condensation in drier months happens as a result of interconnected problems outside your basement. Qualified Rockford, IL experts can help you pinpoint and possibly fix the issue. Among the causes of dry season basement condensation are inadequate ventilation, poor drainage, obsolete plumbing, and many others.

All Season Maintenance

This is the easiest and the most agreeable way to handle basement maintenance. It doesn’t matter the season, spending time in your basement regularly can help you keep up with any new developments within the space.

Most basements are unfinished and popularly used for storage, this is why not many homeowners make frequent visits leave along spending time in basements. If this is you, you need to change the way you approach your basement space and even get a Rockford handyman to help you organize it and make it useful.