Rockford Roofing Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

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Most homeowners discover they need a new roof when their ceiling starts leaking. However, leaks could be caused by several problems which may not necessarily relate to an aging roof. It is therefore important to know at what point   your roof needs repair or replacement. If you are not sure, below are some tips to start you off.

The Age of the Roof

Typically, a roof lasts anything between 20 and 25 years. This means if your roof is more than 20 years old, you could be headed for a replacement. Also, in instances where the old roof was removed and only a single layer of shingles remains, the roof may be weaker and in need of repairs.

Buckling and Curling of Shingles

If you are observant enough, you will see your shingles curling long after installing your roof. This is a critical sign of a roof in need of replacement. The best way to have a view of the curling shingles and losing granules is to look at the side of your roof that gets direct sunlight. Shingles normally buckle and curl when their life expectancy is nearing an end or even exceeded.

Roof Valleys

If shingles are missing or falling apart in your roof valley, it could be a sign that your roof has come of age and needs a replacement. Valleys are critical areas in your roof because they are the spaces through which rain and snow flows through into your gutters. Whenever the valley is compromised, chances of roof leaks are high.

Shingle Granules in Your Gutters

When shingles become loose, they disintegrate into granules and find their way into your gutters. This normally happens towards the end of your roof’s life cycle. In addition to this, you may notice some parts of your roof having darker colors because of worn away granules. Right away, report this problem to a professional Rockford roof contractor.

To maintain your roof and slow down the aging process, ensure it is routinely inspected. Severe weather such as hailstorms and high winds can cause some considerable damage to your roof and by extension the structural integrity of your home.

Replacing a roof is a costly process and one which you will not do more than twice in your lifetime. This is why you need to choose the best materials that will serve you for long and have a Rockford, IL roofer who regularly checks on your roof for anomalies.