Why Stone is Better than Laminate Counters in Kitchen Remodeling


When remodeling your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions you should make is whether to go for stone or laminate counters. For a beginner in kitchen remodeling, knowing which of the two is the best may not be that easy. Fortunately, there is lots of information on the pros and cons of laminate and stone thereby making the process much simpler for you. Below is a breakdown of the important aspects you need to bear in mind.

Granite countertop Rockford
Beautify your kitchen with granite countertops. Source: www.rockfordgranite.com/

The Price Issue

There is no two way about this, laminate counters are generally less expensive to purchase and install compared to stone. When sampling quotes on counter materials such as marble and granite in Rockford, IL, laminate will certainly be the most affordable.

However, using the price as the only decision making point can be a huge mistake on your part. Although installing laminate counters will reduce the cost of your project upfront, in the long run, this will prove counterproductive and you may even incur lots of additional costs in doing successive installations or switching to stone.

Exceptional Looks

Families generally spend most of their time in the kitchen space which means adding a classy granite or marble countertop can revolutionize the space. Stone beautifully complements the rest of your décor choices and makes your kitchen attractive from a design perspective.


Stone counters have many selling points including great looks and high end performance. Most of the stone countertops installed offer excellent heat resistance, a property that is not true of laminate.

The durability of stone is also a major talking point and a huge advantage to homeowners as marble and granite countertops are billed to be the longest lasting elements of your house. Laminate counters quickly go through wear and tear and thus forcing you to do a replacement sooner than later.

They are an Investment

Even if home improvement projects are meant to make your life better and more comfortable, they are also an investment. You won’t live in your home forever which means you must sell it at some point in the future.

The return you get will be largely dictated by the improvement choices you made for your house along the way. They largely impact on the market value. Kitchen renovations including countertops will give your kitchen a new look and added functionality which will push up the value of your home.

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